Healthy Snacking with SnackExperts

I’m not sure what exactly triggered this, but I always seem to find myself around conversations that relate to working out or debating the nutritional aspects of food or fitness in general.  Since a lot depends on what we eat, almost everyone has become an expert in what to eat, what not to eat and how to eat. As much as I’m happy to know that people have awareness on healthy eating, people sometimes take it too seriously to even bother cross-checking their sources. Thank God we have Google to help us know our facts right. But at times it ends up confusing us all the more. So, if you search for right ways of eating, you would probably find a minimum of 10 different ways, each having their own stories to justify their choice.

Let’s leave the columnists to debate on who is right and who isn’t. Now I’m more concerned about what to eat because I’m a foodie who is trying to be fit. So I double cross or triple cross check if there was any possible way my favourite foods could be eaten because I cannot stay away altogether from a certain type of food (which certain nutritionist don’t recommend either).  So while trying the best to find the most harmless way in which I could enjoy my favorite foods, I came across SnackExperts.

A few weeks back I received a mail from the team at SnackExperts, an online portal for healthy snacking. They had written to me asking me if I could try their snack boxes and review them on my blog. I immediately headed over to their site and I was welcomed by a wonderful array of healthy snacks. I spent a good 30 minutes reading about each of their products and responded affirmatively. I was asked to choose a set of 5 snacks for my snack box. I shortlisted 5 the following:

  • TriBerry Medley
  • Old Fashioned Nut Mixture
  • Raagi Murukku
  • Almond Cinnamon Flapjack
  • Bitter Gourd Crisps

I was excited. A healthy version of my favorite snacks.

I promptly received my box within a couple of days and look what I had in store.

The Triberry medley comprised of dry black raisins, Strawberry and cranberry and it was easily my favorite from the lot. Given how I started packing light snacks for work, this served as a wonderful snack in between meals. I was particularly excited about cranberries for I had never tasted it in the form. If you are planning on getting a box for yourself, I would highly recommend adding this snacks.

The Old Fashioned Nut Mixture as the name indicates was a mix of peanuts, almonds, walnuts and pepper coated cashew.  Though the proportion of the peanuts was higher than the others, I loved this potpourri. Come on, nothing can go wrong with our age old nuts mixture and the pepper coated cashew ensured it was well. My second favourite from the lot.

My mother warned me against picking up Raagi Muruku because she felt a lot of people opted for Raagi and millets these days just because it seemed cool. But I was desperate to try something with my favourite murukku and it was yummy. My mom loved it too. Though it is fried and may not be conveniently consumed like the other two (health-wise), this was still almost as good as our normal ones.

I loved the flavors in Almond Cinnamon Flapjack because it was exactly how I was expecting it to be. It was a mix of oats and honey and almonds and cinnamon but I wasn’t too sure how much sugar it needed or how it was exactly prepared. But for the nutrient value, the taste was too good. The flavors were simply amazing.

Now, I am not a fan of bitter gourd but I anyway went ahead with Bitter Gourd Crisps because I’ve heard so much of bitter gourd crisps (elsewhere) and I wanted to find out what the fuss was about. I tasted one or two and I thought that was enough for me but the husband gladly agreed to finish it because he said it was the best they could do with bitter gourd. Now I personally din’t prefer it much because of my history with bitter gourd, but for those who don’t mind the taste, I’m sure you won’t mind this too.

Above all, the packing deserves a special mention. The carefully sealed box contained zip lock covers, which would have to be cut first to expose the zip lock. I kept these snacks for almost a week, in the zip lock cover and they were intact, just the way it was when I had first opened them.

So overall, I would definitely recommend you to try out a few snacks from SnackExperts. They have subscription plan and you can choose what suits you best. Would I go there again? Most definitely.

A big shout out to the wonderful team who have kick-started this new initiative. All the best Team SnackExperts!

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