When your world lends a hand

Some words remain etched on your mind no matter when you read them. That’s the power of words. I particularly believe in these words of Paulo Coelho – “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” That’s perhaps what had lead me to believe that if you truly want something (and if you work for it), it will definitely happen.

Our instincts are often right. When we tend to ignore it, we end up making a mistake. However, when your intuition fails in certain rare instances, you look for signs that help you decide whether you should go for something or not. Remember how you spend all day wondering where to travel for your next holiday and you suddenly see an advertisement of a traveler enjoying his stay in Switzerland. It looks like the world is try to tell you something.

Being hungry on a weekend is extremely dangerous. When Zomato and Swiggy are just a touch away, things could get complicated if you act on an impulse. The consequences are frightening. So we should exercise utmost caution, and also perhaps (senior) adult supervision , while adding items to our cart.

I don’t cook the most Instagram-worthy meals every weekend, but roughly plan it on Fridays to avoid spending 2 hours discussing what to cook. I avoid cooking more than 2 meals a day, so apart from breakfast and lunch we normally eat out once a week or head over to mom’s place for some cozy meal. So the main meals are taken care of. It’s the cravings between the meals that tend to push me towards Zomato or Swiggy.

On one such weekend, my husband and I quickly finished our weekend chores and settled to eat a nice healthy, home-cooked meal. Things were fine till my mind started asking for something more. No, I didn’t want another serving of what we were eating. This time the call was for something sweet or crispy, something which people would not consider healthy. When I told my husband about this, he asked me to order online  as he was scared I would then ask him to cook something. I was furious with him for letting me cheat so easily and told him he should help me in times like these when I was craving for junk food.

I wasn’t sure if I welcomed this unexpected testing of my will power (not really sure if I had any in the first place!). I tried to divert myself with some movie and switched on the TV. Tata Sky told me I could subscribe to some new food channel. Strike 1. I wanted to stay away from all cookery shows and in the random channel I switched to, Sanjeev Kapoor was revealing the secrets behind making a very appetizing biryani.  Strike 2. You know how you go someplace and the first person you bump into is the person you wanted to avoid. That’s exactly how it felt. Anyway, I was scanning through the channels checking for a decent movie and settled for a movie on Romedy Now- No Reservations. Guess what the hero and the heroine did? They were chefs at this amazing restaurant and they were whipping up mouth-watering dishes and even delectable desserts. Strike 3.

I could bear it no longer and finally gave in. I usually decide quickly and in a matter of seconds, I set my mind on having an ice cream. We headed to Amadora, our favourite ice cream place in Chennai and treated ourselves to some delicious flavours of ice creams (dark chocolate sorbet and salted caramel).

Why ice cream is the panacea the world needs! Image Courtesy : Awkward Yeti

There is a limit to the temptations a human being can resist. And when it comes to foodies like me, it doesn’t take much effort to get tempted. Initially I choose to ignore my instincts which was telling me to satiate my cravings. However there were obvious signs everywhere that were impossible to ignore. I knew the world was trying to tell me something. How could I not listen to what it was trying to convey? It’s important that we follow the orders of the world. I was pretty sure these messages were intended for me. Wondering how I’m that confident? You see, while some eat to live, I belong to the group which lives to eat!

So, watch out for these signs. You never know how the world might try to help you.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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  1. What a real life example for Paulo Cohleo s words hi hi…. I am a foodie too… Now Amadora added to my wish list for the next Chennai visit 🙂


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