Are you emotionally attached to something?

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My first phone was a Nokia 6085 Flip Model. It is an unbelievably cute phone. I was always fascinated by flip model phone and secretly hoped that I would have one for myself someday. My wish was granted when my Mom decided to get me a phone when I started college. I was ecstatic. When you’re starting a new phase of life and you’re already excited (no more school uniforms!), the news of a cell phone was slightly overwhelming. When I finally got the phone, I couldn’t get enough of it for days. The sleek build, the way it fit in my palms, the royal black – everything about the phone made my world happier beyond measure. I played with the settings and customized ringtones and themes and what not! I could listen to songs and it wouldn’t flinch even if I dropped it (I hate you Nokia phones for making me think it’s ok to be slightly careless with phones). It felt fantastic.

And then, a couple of years later, things started to get slightly rocky. We both saw it coming and avoided confronting each other. We delayed it till we could as it was only a matter of time until one of us stood up and took a decision. It was time to say goodbye. Though my sister got me another new phone in a couple of days I felt bad for my old phone. I started feeling guilty while using my new phone and whenever I’d walk into my room and see my old phone, smiling at me from the corner and waiting to be picked up, I’d feel horrible. There wasn’t much I could do about it, and with time I grew to accept the fact that I had to move on. But on some days it’s tough to fight the feelings of guilt.

Admit it; we’re all guilty of doing this!

How many times have you found yourself emotionally attached to an object and found it extremely hard to move on? Sometimes human beings can be a pain. As much as it is nice to have someone around to comfort us, I’m the kind of person who likes to be left alone when I’m mad at something/someone. In those instances, it helps to be among those who don’t judge you or those whom you think will empathize with what you’re going through. Good listeners are hard to come by, and I’ve always found the objects around me to be patient listeners than most human beings.

Let’s say I’ve had an extremely hectic day at work. Mom is mostly home when I get back from work so the minute I step in I tell her everything that was on my mind and recount my entire day’s activities. More than it being a routine, I like being able to get all that stuff off my chest. But when mom isn’t around, my couch and my swing are such amazing listeners. They listen to everything I crib about, and most importantly they seem to understand why I did what I did. It would take a couple of minutes or hours for me to get back to being my normal self and realize that I alone was responsible for whatever blunder I’d made but when you’re angry, you need someone to listen and not someone to point out the logic or the loophole you’ve missed.

I think I’m more emotionally attached to objects than I am attached to people.

Like our Santro car. We had an amazing time going out to so many places in our Car. Mom, Dad, my sister and I used to drive to ECR, Mahabalipuram or even Pondy during weekends. We loved that car, and it was an integral part of our family. But after a couple of years when we were looking to upgrade the car, as happy as we were, it pained to know we would have to bid farewell to our Santro. Though we were going for a bigger car, the memories and the happiness and the laughs shared by our family of 4 in that car is precious. It is special.

Though we like it or not, life keeps going on, and we have to move on. We get used to almost anything after a couple of days. We might even forget about some of them in the hustle-bustle of our lives. But someday when we randomly think about our old possessions, it brings in a wave of memories, and you reminisce about the old times. That’s a one-of-a-kind experience!

So, the other day when I was looking through my stuff and found my first Nokia phone, I took some time to think about it, and it brought a big smile to my face. When my husband found me playing with my old phone again, he asked:

Husband: “Even after all this time?”

Me: “Always!”

So, do you have any special memories with your favorite possessions?

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  1. Even iam attached emotionally to my previous phone and current too. Unless it is not operable i am not interested to change phones. Since i started driving now, iam more attached to my car.

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  2. My Mum passed away last month and with my Dad still in hospital, I go in and out of their home and look at stuff they have and wonder what we’ll do with it. This despite Mum’s constant clearing up and giving away. One thing I’ve realized is that none of the stuff, despite the memories, I feel no urge to keep any of it. Do I sound peculiar? 😉

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    1. So sorry about your Mom, Corinne! My condolences to the entire family.

      To be honest, if we’re attached to way too many of our possessions, the ones we treasure tend to quickly lose their value over others. So I think you don’t sound peculiar 🙂


    1. Hello Susan! So nice to see you here 🙂 It’s been a long time!

      I guess it all happens gradually. I miss them the most when I forget about them and get suddenly reminded about them one fine day!


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