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My 4th standard English teacher used to call me a Grandma. She used to say that I always had a story to share. More recently, one of my managers made a similar remark about how I always had a story to share in every situation. I’ve wondered about that many times. Perhaps, it’s because everything is so adventurous in my life.

For example, what do people do when they want to move to a new city? They find work, apply for visa, complete the due formalities and wait for the visa. Once they get their visa, they sort out everything and then make a move. What happened to me? We did go through all these stages but it happened in the most dramatic way. Long story short – it was the most complicated plot with so many twists in the most unexpected situations. We did have our happy ending but only after a long drama.

To say that the past 6 months have been a roller coaster would be a gross understatement. There were days when we were anxious, annoyed, helpless and sad. The uncertainty over how things would work out was constantly working in our mind. I almost gave up twice not knowing what to do but somehow kept moving forward. I still don’t know how I managed to have faith and take the next step.

At the beginning of this drama we did not know how to handle the situation. My husband and I used to vent out our frustrations at each other. That’s when we figured we need to stop worrying about what would happen. We did not want to waste our time and wanted to enjoy the days we had as if nothing had happened. We had to cancel our holiday for the same reason. Later, we went ahead with the plan and took an amazing trip on a lifetime to Ladakh to celebrate our anniversary. We didn’t spend on possessions because we didn’t know what we could take and what we couldn’t. So instead, we spent on experiences.

We experimented with different cuisines, while we tried to do some justice to our workouts and healthy eating schedule. We renewed our gym membership and followed a strict workout routine unmindful of wasting the membership if we had to leave midway. We watched many movies, met so many friends and made the best use of all the time we had. We drove 10kms to have a good breakfast, and went all the way to the outer boundaries of the city to eat an amazing meal. I didn’t do a lot of activities worried about leaving them midway when we left. I then stopped worrying about it and went ahead to do everything I wanted to. I have no regrets now.

We know very well that we shouldn’t worry a lot about the future and focus on the present. Yet, when we’re pushed to a difficult situation we ignore this most obvious truth even when it is right in front of us. If not for the self-intervention, I would’ve landed in a bad situation. I was lucky not to make that mistake for more than a month.

Life has a peculiar way of teaching you when you’re least expecting it. I learnt how to be patient and not crib about it every minute. I didn’t tell anyone what we were going through because I didn’t want pity. I had friends ask me why I wasn’t doing what many activities from my routine. That pushed me to do all my activities. I had an uncle reprimand me for not spending enough time reading and I spent more time with my kindle. My mom asked me why I wasn’t writing. To my utter shock, I realized I hadn’t written on my blog for almost a month. For someone who makes a living out of writing, not focusing on my personal blog space was not good. And I took care of it. I am a private person in many aspects, especially when it comes to sharing personal details. If I had told everyone, they wouldn’t have pushed me into following my routine. God bless them!

This experience reinstated my belief that everything happens for a good reason. If you’re prayers are answered good. If not, even better because there are other good things in store which you’re not aware of. Anyway, what’s the point of life when everything happens the way you expect? Where’s the space for some adventure?

So there you go, that’s our story. Good enough to write about the experience. May be, that’s the reason God turned the interest quotient a notch higher than normal. And also taught me a good lesson on patience. I love reading quotes and it boosts my spirits when I’m low. One of those days I came across this quote and it helped me gain a new perspective,

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

And I learnt the biggest lesson of all – Being patient is not a weakness, it’s always your strength!

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