Counting your blessings!

­Are you the kind of person who feels you’ve not thanked people enough? I definitely do. Though I never miss a chance to thank people, I’m never content. Sometimes I might come across this annoying person who says thank you for everything. Some people believe in ‘No thank you’s between friends and family’. I beg to differ. In fact, they are the very people I’d want to thank to acknowledge their efforts. One among the many good things that has resulted from this habit is how it makes me appreciate the good things in life because of the good people in my life. Even while praying, I make sure to thank God for the blessings before I actually pray for something. I’m glad this habit stuck with me.

I’ve heard many people talk about how content it feels to maintain a gratitude journal. Rachna’s and Shailaja’s Gratitude Journal, inspired me to write mine. You can express your feeling once. But when you write them down and read it for the years to come, you experience that contentment all over again.

Thank you, Rachna and Shailaja for the inspiration 🙂


2018 has started off on an excellent note. We moved to Sydney and it has been a good experience so far. Moving to a new city has been challenging. Looking back at the 1.5 months here, I’m not sure how I managed to retain my sanity. If not for the prayers and blessings, I would not have found the strength to move ahead. We’re settling down well and setting up our life here- one step at a time. I’m thankful for the opportunity to move to a vibrant city like Sydney. I’m thankful for everything it offers and its amazing people I meet every day.


In times like these, you realize how blessed you are to be born into a wonderful family. They have been supportive of my every move and encourage me to keep pushing my limits. My parents and our immediate family were thrilled when we announced our move. They have been helpful in every way they can. When things are tricky, words of encouragement and positive vibes from those around us can work wonders. It did for me. I’m eternally thankful for being blessed with a wonderful family. They mean the world to me.


When your family isn’t around, you can always count on your friends to step in. I have a good number of friends in India. But after moving to Sydney, we were overwhelmed by the support of some of our new friends here. You’d think we’ve known them for quite some time. In reality, we hardly knew them for a week. A few hours/days was all it took to get to know some amazing people here. Again, when you’re in a new city you’re looking to take in as much information you get from anyone, anywhere. Our friends supported us like guardian angels. They helped us settle down to gave us all the right recommendations for living in Sydney. I don’t know how we would have managed without them! I’m extremely grateful to come across such wonderful people.


I was supposed to take a break for a few months. And the months reduced to weeks and finally I didn’t have to take that break. I can never thank my stars enough for ensuring my work doesn’t get affected one bit during the move. I had written to some amazing folks for help. They not only obliged, but also convinced the concerned heads to give me a chance based on my skills. I’m so happy I didn’t have to take that break. It was tough to travel on a Saturday morning, reach Sydney on Sunday morning and be at work on Monday morning. But it was worth it. The funny part is, I haven’t even spoken to the person who was instrumental in finding a role for me. The world works in mysterious ways.


Great strides, hell yeah! I stepped out of my comfort zone, moved to a new city and survived with what was available. I met new people, handled new projects and settled on the domestic front. I managed all this and still made time to hang out and enjoy the best of what Sydney has to offer. I’m glad I managed to pull through. I’m glad I could balance work and life and make time for myself, without letting the stress get better of me. I was sceptical about getting through the first month but I made it, and that’s what matters. 🙂

So that’s it. I’m glad that my first entry for my Gratitude journal has been significant. It is gratifying to count my blessings. As someone rightly said, It’s not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy!

I’m a happy person today.

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  1. So nice to read this one, and congratulations to move to the Aussie Kangaroo land! It’s very beautiful as I was fortunate to see a bit of it! Wishing you happiness always,Ashwini.

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