How often do we feel good about ourselves?

I felt like a million bucks today.

The best part is, I don’t even know why. The only difference to my morning routine was giving myself extra 10 minutes to wake up. I have that luxury because my lunch is packed and chilling in the fridge and breakfast is outsourced to the husband. Did those 10 minutes have an impact on why I’m all smiles today? I don’t know.

I’m the kind of person who reads a lot into everything. I’m inquisitive. There is a burning need to get to the bottom of everything. So, I was surprised that I did not bother finding out why I was this happy. The level of happiness that only chocolate gelato and brownies can achieve. And so I let it be. As long as you’re happy and you know it!

Being happy made me feel good. I felt good about myself. My life is far from perfect but I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. One by one, I started thinking about the small joys of my life. I felt so grateful to everyone who played their part well to bring me where I am today.

How often do we feel good about ourselves?

I love reading quotes – the inspirational ones. It helps me make peace with myself and assures me that I’m not the odd one out. It makes me feel better that there are others who can relate to my story and understand the pain. It makes me feel better for a minute before I go back to fretting over the unfinished tasks on my To-do List for life in general. And then the inevitable question pops up – What am I doing? Am I wasting my time with the wrong stuff (much worse than wasting time in general)? I look at all those things I could have accomplished if I had incorporated more discipline. I try not to hate myself. Sometimes I wonder if I’m putting myself through too much or setting unrealistic expectations. I’ve learnt to accept people and understand their limitations. Perhaps I’ve not learnt to assess my abilities and accept what I am actually capable of!

Everyone is different. Yet, we tend to forget that the minute we start comparing our lives with that of others we come across. We know we shouldn’t do it. We are aware that people have their own goals to work towards. Though we might share the same boat for a while, our destinations are different. We know how detrimental the consequences could get, and yet we fall for it again and again.

Getting a peek into other’s lives is fun if you’re trying to figure out your interest in the activity they are up to. But at times, the overpowering need to take it up as a challenge distracts you from your goals. I remember reading about this incident where a person is on his daily run in the park. He sees someone else running ahead of him and decides to race the other person and overtake him. He succeeds in overtaking him and continues running for a while. He then realizes that he missed his turning to go home. The 25 minutes spent racing a stranger made him late for work. The other person had no idea about this so called race and was minding his business. But our hero, in his attempt to feel good about himself, ended up somewhere he had no intention of being. In a way, most of us are guilty of this.

You can’t say no to everything. You can’t say yes to everything either. We start with a few goals. Then they evolve with time. We need to be flexible. But in being flexible, it’s tough to distinguish between what acts as a distraction that takes you away from your goal and what adds value to your goal. Once we have this figured out, our next course of action becomes clear. But the trick lies in finding if it means something to you.

So, where exactly does all this lead to?

Not all of us are lucky to get things right the first time. But when we exhaust our motivation and energy to buckle up after unsuccessful attempts, one after the other, losing hope is not the only thing you need to worry about. You enter the long corridor of self-doubt. It breaks your sense of self. It shatters your confidence. You feel like something is always weighing you down and you’re unable to tolerate that weight. It’s like standing on a sheet of ice. One day it starts breaking into small pieces. You cling to one piece hoping that it would carry you to safety, but there is no backup. You hope and pray that it doesn’t let you down.

You know what’s amazing about this?

Yes. It is amazing. All of us go through this phase, not once but multiple times in our lives. And if you’re looking for how successful you’ve been, well if you’re reading this then you’ve made it through the tough phases and your success rate is 100%. Calvin nailed it with these words.

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We, human beings are born fighters. What else could explain how we manage to smile despite fighting some battle in our minds day in and day out? Despite riding on the highs and lows of life, we take time to do what we enjoy. We enjoy staying at home all day without getting and work done, watch hours and hours of Netflix while gorging on pizzas and chips and anything edible, talk for hours together over a cup of tea. And it makes us feel good and happy. Our ability to win a match in the last ball of the innings and to turn things over in our favour, is legendary. We’ve all been there and we have overcome. We still have miles to go, but I know we’ll be fine.

The world around us is a reflection of our mind and the kind of person we are. If you are positive, you notice only the positive things. If you believe the world is full of good people, with a few exceptions then you notice all the amazing people around you. If you’re happy, the world around you naturally seems happy. The vice versa also holds true. So it’s up to you to choose what kind of a mood and environment you put yourself in. And on some days, the world gives you something when you’re least expecting it. It may be in the form of a favourite song played from a random playlist, a favourite food that your colleague offers you or someone gifting you what you exactly wanted. It can be anything. But what matters is, the world plays it part in making you feel happy. On some days you know the reason for your happiness, while on some days you can’t find the reason. As long as it makes you happy and feel good, I think you can live with it!

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