Rediscover your Sunshine

We always look back in fond memories of the good old days. Despite doing well, many of us aren’t satisfied with who we are, blame it in our sky-high expectations. But when we look back at the person we were a few years back, we realize we weren’t as bad as how we thought we were. We did good then. We are probably doing well even today. If we’re lucky, we will realize it soon. If not, in another 5 years. And the cycle continues.

I did not realize it was Children’s Day on Wednesday until someone mentioned Nov 14th in our daily standup. If I’d been in India things would have been a lot different – I have no idea why, but it’s something you can feel but can’t describe. When you celebrate the kids around, you think about the times when you were a kid and how things were different (and better) then. When I scrolled through my timeline I could see people sharing their childhood pics and reminiscing about the young, carefree, pre-adult days. It naturally made me think of my childhood days. How I wish I could go back and live one more day as a child! All those posts about others’ childhood memories got me thinking as well.

Here are top 3 things I love about my childhood:

My Parents

Of course! I don’t know how my Mom managed to balance being our friend while still being very strict. Dad wasn’t strict. There used to be a running joke between me and my sis that we would have to plead with mom, but when it came to dad, we could get anything done if we gave the impression that we were going to cry. We didn’t even have to shed a tear. It was that simple :-). My sister and I were encouraged, always kept grounded when we took anything for granted and showered in positivity. Growing up, I realize how important it was to feel valued, but still not pampered to the point of being a spoilt brat. We were always taught to earn our rewards and were not made to feel like the world owed us. The best of all, we could  enjoy our childhood without having unrealistic expectations imposed on us. Oh, and the importance of a routine and discipline. All this has helped us become the kind of people we are today. But I wouldn’t mind going back to the times when the only thing to worry about was homework and what chocolate to buy for birthdays! Sigh.

Jack of all trades

I’m happy to be the jack of all trades. I get bored doing one activity (explains 4 roles in 7 years in the same organization). Thanks to my parent’s encouragement I got a chance to participate in a lot of activities. I learned to dance for a while and participated in dance competitions. I participated in Plays at school. I was once a part of the Christmas play, and I would be practicing my dialogues at home more than preparing for the Half yearly exam. I learned yoga. Though I was not interested in drawing, I surprised myself with some glass painting (we’ve framed it at home). I have a loud, clear voice so that made me volunteer for all those assembly readings. I did well in poetry recitation. I won the first prize for 3 years straight and came second at the state-level competition. I participated in debates.  I still have the certificate from when I won the first prize in block and tackle (speaking for an against a topic). I compered most of the programmes when I was in college. I played a decent volleyball and badminton and the boys in our apartment taught me how to play cricket. There are so many more things that I tried, enjoyed some and didn’t bother going back again for some other things. But I got the chance to try. I wasn’t the best at everything, but I did enjoy them all.

My Confidence

When people compliment me about my confidence I don’t know how to react because I can‘t take credit for something that I did not work for.  A lot has to do with the environment I grew up in, it was conducive to improve my confidence. I did not hesitate when someone asked me to do something nor did I have a stage fear or any fear of talking to people. My parents had a big role to play in developing my confidence. It’s one of those things which add up and develop over time. And I’m eternally grateful to this quality of mine. I might be holding myself back a lot these days compared to then,, but even then I treasure my confidence.

There are a few more aspects I can think of and could write all day. But these three things about my childhood are the ones which have the maximum impact on the kind of person I am. I still don’t hesitate to try new things and my confidence levels are pretty good. I remember reading that we don’t really grow up or transition completely from a child to adult. We learn how to behave better in public. This holds true for many of us. Growing up we restrain the child-like spirit, but it never goes away. When life gets complicated or monotonous, it is worthwhile to let the child-like spirit surface and enjoy things as a child would. You might not be able to go back to your childhood, but you can always remember to live, laugh and love like a child. It might not solve all your problems but it will definitely help you rediscover your sunshine.

Would your 10-year old self be proud of the current you?

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Rediscover your Sunshine

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  1. Wow. You’ve had a dynamic childhood. Although I’ve tried my hand in several things, I’ve always made a decision sooner or later about whether or not I like it and should continue it. I’d been filtering out the things I don’t enjoy and still continue to do so.
    Having such confidence is indeed a gift. I have had troubles with self-confidence because of a few incidents. Anyhow, childhood was indeed a lovely and blissful adventure. 🙂


  2. Wow! I was in awe all the while I read about your confidence, your lack of stage fear! Bravo!
    About the question you asked at the end: Well, yes, yes and yes!! My 10 year old self would be definitely proud (and a tad bit awestruck too) with my present self! All the transformation that I went through, thanks to Life, helped me do things I didn’t attempt in my childhood.Having said that, I love the quiet, little girl I was way back then–someone so different than the present day woman!

    Loved reading about your childhood, Ashwini! 🙂


  3. My 10 year old self would be disappointed in my weight loss. It would also be disappointed in my general lack of interest in doing something new. I used to be curious and eager to learn doing multiple things at one time . As a 10 year old I used to cycle to school, make clothes for my dolls, press flowers in a scrap book, write poetry …..


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