Unlock the Potential of Tiny Habits!

The world is always fascinated by grand gestures. People love overnight success. They love that million-dollar idea that disrupts an industry. They want you to go big or go home. But we forget that we don’t go from 0 to 100 overnight. You start small, stay consistent and build your momentum. Over time you see... Continue Reading →

The power of small changes!

2020 taught me to be prepared for uncertainties. In retrospect, my goals for 2020 were not flexible. Everything went for a toss at the first sign of disruption. So when planning my goals for 2021, I was cautious. I focussed on things I could control and weren’t likely to change with circumstances. Instead of working... Continue Reading →

3 tips to beat decision fatigue and simplify your life!

When we think of decision fatigue, we usually associate it with people in powerful positions. We think of people jumping from one meeting to another who need to make the right calls on key issues every day of their lives. We don’t associate it with people like you and me. We may not be deliberating... Continue Reading →

Staying on top of your Life Admin

How many times have you postponed a task only to realise that it took you all of 20 minutes to get it done? How many times have you compromised spending time on your hobbies and goals because you needed to focus on a last-minute task? How many times have you felt the need to do... Continue Reading →

Making the most of your To-do lists

In a world that idolises multi-tasking, I prefer focussing on one activity at a time. When you direct all your attention towards one goal at a time, the quality of work is remarkable. We are well aware of giving our undivided attention to one goal at a time, but life happens. You worry about the... Continue Reading →

Choosing the right habits

You know how looking at old photos brings a smile on your face? A happy smile, a sad smile or a smile wishing you could go back in time? That’s what reading old journal entries does for me. I started writing a journal 4 years back and it’s amazing to see the impact of writing... Continue Reading →

5 reasons why you struggle to maintain a routine

My fondness for routines started from my school days. Every evening after my sister and I got back home, we would have some tiffin before starting our homework. We used to look forward to these light meals. My mom followed a routine for the tiffin. Mondays - Egg sandwich (or) Cake + Snacks from the... Continue Reading →

Stepping offline to avoid screen time

Before 2020’s plot twist changed the course of most of our lives, I would try and do as much as I could with my phone and laptop. Tracking lists, finances, emails, notes, paying bills -everything. I found it convenient that wherever I go, I could do anything from the comfort of my phone and laptop.... Continue Reading →

5 ways to live a simpler, better life!

In what feels like an eternity, I realized it’s just been 5 months since I started working from home. March 2020 feels like a long time ago, a couple of years to be honest. I was in denial for the longest time and was optimistic that things would go back to normal. But the temporary... Continue Reading →

5 Lists to power through everyday life!

My life changed for the better ever since I started maintaining lists for different aspects of my life. Writing down lists gives me clarity on what I'm up for and helps me bring order from a world of chaos. It enables me to manoeuvre every complicated activity by breaking them down into several tasks, converting... Continue Reading →

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