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‘A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Living a Good Life!’

There are two kinds of people on Earth - the one who will write essays and still never manage to get to the main point. And then there are people who drop single-liner truth bombs that rattle the entire world.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories

This book is written by Ankita Sharma and published by Humming Words Publishers. Ankita is a well-known blogger, who blogs at Humming Words. The book is a collection of several short stories. The stories are normal everyday occurrences which everyone... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right One!

(A modified version of this post has been published in The Hindu Open Page. You can read it here) I’m not sure if it has anything to do with my OCD, but I can never leave a book half-way and... Continue Reading →

Bye Landmark!

If you are currently in Chennai and a person who loves reading books, chances are that you would’ve spent your weekend running around Mount Road. Thanks to the Chennai Book Fair at one end of the Mount Road and the... Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Turning Point

The Turning Point, is a compilation of short stories from Indian Writers. This includes the work of Nikita Singh, Parinda Joshi, Atulya Mahajan, Shoma Narayanan, Harsh Snehanshu, Judy Balan, Meenakshi Reddy Mahadevan and Durjoy Dutta.  Every story here has a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti

You read some books and enjoy them. You read some books and relate to them. Some books make you feel happy. Some books make you feel sad. Some books reach out to your heart and leave a mark which you... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore

At a time when there are so many young and upcoming authors, there are a few like authors Rohit Gore who make a mark for themselves, through their books.  Previously I’d read ‘The Circle of Three’ by the same author... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai By Rishi Vohra

We live in reality. Some of us live in our dreams too. For a few it is just a dream, but for a few it is an ‘Alternate Reality’. Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai by Rishi Vohra, takes us... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Shades Of Love.

Shades of Love. An Anthology of Short stories. I am not a big fan of love stories. Sometimes it’s too sweet to be true and I try and keep my hands off books , that claim to be an out... Continue Reading →

Book Review : An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU.

An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU by Toffee (Taufeeq Ahmed) takes one through the experiences of the author during the 'placement season' of his college life.The author walks through the entire process, right from the preparation for the Aptitude tests to the various... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Circle Of Three By Rohit Gore

Three people, different in their own way , live in different parts of a city. Can they make a difference in the life of the other two? Circle of three by Rohit Gore takes us through the lives of three... Continue Reading →

Book Review : "Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul". A Book Of Miracles.

Before I write this review, I would like to Thank Blogadda for selecting me to review this book. I’m a person who strongly believes in God, in the faith of a prayer and in miracles. So it shouldn’t have been... Continue Reading →

Book Review : I’m Not Twenty Four.. By Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg says that there are two kinds of stories. One is the kind where, everyone can relate easily to it. The other is where one finds it difficult to believe that such a story actually exists. "I'm Not Twenty... Continue Reading →

Book Review :"A Splash of Love, A Kiss of Infatuation" By Rajeev Ranjan

RajeevRanjan , the author of this book is at present serving the Indian Coast Guard. When Mr Rajeev sent me a mail asking me to review his book, I was completely taken by surprise when I came to know that... Continue Reading →

Book Review : ‘Conversations’ By Rajeev Nanda

This book by Rajeev Nanda is collection of stories, or rather, conversations about Life. It includes a few poetic verses as well. The words in the poem and the meaning conveyed through those powerful emotions portrayed by the words, are... Continue Reading →

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