Falling in love with everyday monotony!

I opened my mail to a warning message from my security team. It told me that my access would be revoked unless I completed all the Mandatory courses. There it was, again! Our organization is way too strict when it comes to compliance. People can complain and whine all they want, but no one is spared. While most people wish they didn’t have to do … Continue reading Falling in love with everyday monotony!

Want to be happy? Walk away from toxic people.

I’d been mulling over the idea of a detox for a while. I believed it could benefit me. Last week when I found myself in the middle of something I’d always stayed away from, I knew it was time. I decided to tackle the problem head-on. It was time to walk away from the toxic people in my life. I’ve known this person- let’s call … Continue reading Want to be happy? Walk away from toxic people.

Be less ambitious, achieve more goals!

Have you been in a situation where you see something, get obsessed with it for months, finally forget about it & go on to pursue something else? Does this keep happening to you for every other task that you take up? Then this one’s for you. Warren Buffet has an amazing strategy that can help you learn the art of prioritizing and help you focus on … Continue reading Be less ambitious, achieve more goals!

Are you emotionally attached to something?

My first phone was a Nokia 6085 Flip Model. It is an unbelievably cute phone. I was always fascinated by flip model phone and secretly hoped that I would have one for myself someday. My wish was granted when my Mom decided to get me a phone when I started college. I was ecstatic. When you’re starting a new phase of life and you’re already … Continue reading Are you emotionally attached to something?

Interpreting Feedback!

A couple of years back, I used to conduct sessions on communication skills. It was coordinated by another team. While they took the efforts to organise sessions, gather audience and facilitate the sessions, my work was just limited to conducting the sessions. At the end of every session, participants would be asked to fill a feedback form which would be collected, consolidated and shared with … Continue reading Interpreting Feedback!

The Best Accessory!

If there was one reason to go back to school, I would do it for the Moral Science classes. Preparing for these exams taught me a valuable lesson in life.  I learnt the art of expressing an idea in different forms  and in different paragraphs that would extend to pages. I also learnt how I could rephrase the same idea in as many ways as … Continue reading The Best Accessory!

Designing our well-being

Life teaches you the best lessons when you’re least expecting to learn. Of the many divine interventions (I’d like to believe so!) that taught me some valuable lessons, I recently learned about how I’d been taking my health for granted. A couple of weeks back I had to get a thyroid test done. Inspite of it being just for a formality, I was anxious about … Continue reading Designing our well-being