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Book Review : The Calling by Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar is a motivational speaker and has written 8 books of which “I Am Another You” was a national bestseller. She has many international awards to her credit. This book “The Calling” falls in the genre of Inspiration and... Continue Reading →

Playing with the flow of thoughts!

I hate interruptions. As much as I’m known for my ability to speak for a considerable period of time in a conversation, I ensure I take a pause every now and then. It gives them a breathing space to assimilate... Continue Reading →

Of Random Conversations with the Soul #5

It’s been a while since I noticed that despite wanting to write and having a plethora of ideas, I was just not able to bring myself to get started. My weekends have been pretty hectic with a lot of planning,... Continue Reading →

A Son’s Vengeance!

Murderer! He shouted. I was caught unawares as I heard the sound of my door getting slammed. I turned around and was shocked to see who was standing in front of me. A mistake that had grown up due to... Continue Reading →

Diktats for Maintaining Discipline?

(This article is based on the 'Rules for Girls' for a college in Chennai that took Social Media by storm) (This post has been featured in Blogadda's Tangy Tuesday Picks) You form a system, single-handedly. You ensure that you are... Continue Reading →

Review : Three One Act Plays, The Hindu Theatre Fest 2015

The Hindu Theatre fest was back this year and what a lovely set of plays they had featured. I wanted to ensure that I went for at least one of the plays. I wanted to go for Hamlet first, but that... Continue Reading →

Article Published in ‘The Hindu’ Open Page

Hello there, After a really really long time (4 years), an article of mine has been published in the Hindu Open Page 🙂 I had written this on my blog, and sent a slightly modified version to the Open Page.... Continue Reading →

When Lord Shiva granted me a boon!

Last night I had a dream. I was standing somewhere in the Himalayas and doing some sort of a penance. When Lord Shiva (I think!) appeared before me satisfied with my performance, sorry penance (appraisal terms are hard to forget)... Continue Reading →

Does ‘Popularity’ play a bigger role than ‘Content’ ?

I Google for the most random things. That’s how I stumbled upon an old blog post by someone who had ranted about how a popular blogger (a decade back) had been receiving a lot of attention for some badly written... Continue Reading →

The Art of Small Talk.

Thank you Blogadda 🙂 A few weeks back, I conducted a session on Client Communication for a group of associates at work. The session contains a slide on Small Talk. So before proceeding with the agenda, I tried to engage... Continue Reading →

The True Friend Forever

If there is something in this world which can induce the same amount of happiness and excitement every time we come in contact with it, undoubtedly it is a book. Known as a Man’s best friend, books have always been... Continue Reading →

Ok Monday, Let’s do this!

Come weekend, and all you hear and see are people's plan for the two days and a visibly excited crowd. When I mention "plans" for the weekend it also includes staying at home, sitting on your couch and doing absolutely... Continue Reading →

Of Travels and More!

God is very smart. Not only did he have the patience to create a whole bunch of men and women, he was smart enough to ensure that each one was unique. This is perhaps why it is always interesting to... Continue Reading →

Over 24 Years between the 22 Yards.

Sachin Tendulkar. The Phenomenon! I should consider myself lucky enough to have been able to watch Sachin Tendulkar deliver his farewell note. Those words will remain etched forever in the minds and hearts of the millions who watched him speak... Continue Reading →

The Habit of Writing!

Easier said than done like most other things, I tried as much to implement it and include it as and when I was studying. But apart from Maths and later certain derivations in Physics and Organic Chemistry it wasn’t entirely... Continue Reading →

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