What is your favourite therapy?

People say writing is therapeutic. While some enjoy the planning process, for some it is the actual writing that is relaxing. To put up word after word and string them into a sentence and to communicate the idea stirring in the mind is a wonderful experience indeed. And then there is a good majority who say reading is therapeutic. To travel across the world, across … Continue reading What is your favourite therapy?

When your world lends a hand

Some words remain etched on your mind no matter when you read them. That’s the power of words. I particularly believe in these words of Paulo Coelho – “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” That’s perhaps what had lead me to believe that if you truly want something (and if you work for it), it will definitely happen. … Continue reading When your world lends a hand

Festive Spirit – Here, There and Everywhere

During the Diwali weekend, I was riding back home from work through the commercial hub of Chennai – T Nagar. As I crossed a flyover, I couldn’t stop to admire the brightly lit buildings. I could sense that festive spirit that was around. Scores of people had descended on the streets of Chennai to shop for themselves and their loved ones. The lights, the noises … Continue reading Festive Spirit – Here, There and Everywhere

My Experiments with Cakes!

Being the Foodie that I am, I love cupcakes and cakes (who doesn’t?). I used to search for the best cupcakes in and around the city to taste them. I was pretty surprised by how they were expensive than the normal cream cakes, but when it comes to food one shouldn’t ask too many questions. This continued for a while and I found out that … Continue reading My Experiments with Cakes!