Life in Lockdown – A Perspective!

When I initially heard about the restrictions to control the transmission of CoVID-19, I brushed it off without much thought. I mean, how was it even remotely possible (see what I did there?) for people to not go to work, school or continue with their daily routines. The world has never stopped for anyone. But it was something we needed. I’ve lost count of the … Continue reading Life in Lockdown – A Perspective!

5 Self-Care Goals for 2020!

Every year, we try to be a better person. We want to improve what we do and how we present ourselves to the world. There is always an opportunity for improvement. That’s why New Year Resolutions are popular. While most of our resolutions focus on improving some aspects of our intelligence quotient, as we get older, focussing on the emotional quotient becomes equally important, if … Continue reading 5 Self-Care Goals for 2020!

5 lessons that helped my career!

I completed 8 years with TCS earlier this month. The realization feels surreal. I vividly remember my first day at work. As I stood outside, I looked up at the tall building with excitement, nervousness and ecstatic at where I’d landed. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine to get where I am today. Things did not go my way many times, but … Continue reading 5 lessons that helped my career!

Getting back to the routine!

Many people think routines are boring. Why, even I used to feel the same way some time back. You know how they say you realize the worth of your nose only when it is blocked. That is so very true! It gets boring when you’re doing the same thing over and again. But when one day everything goes for a toss, you start yearning for … Continue reading Getting back to the routine!