ABC Challenge #8 : H for Humor

Humor is not something that everyone is good at, nor is it something that everyone can appreciate. Despite the general perception, if you can appreciate the humor in any situation that comes your way, you would come to realize that life is a lot more fun. It would actually amuse us, if we get to... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #6: F for Facepalm

And you thought, I'd already given up? Not at all 🙂 I'm back with F. Back when I was new to twitter, I used to refresh the trends to see what was hot and happening, around the world. That is when the hash-tag 'Facepalm' caught my attention.Confused, I immediately went to Urban Dictionary, and this is what... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #3 :C for Contest

'13 things I plan to avoid in 2013' # 1.To stop laughing, all the time. Please don’t come to the conclusion that I’m mentally unstable, it’s just that my laughing threshold is very low. Some might laugh if they hear something funny. Some might laugh if they see something funny. But I laugh even when... Continue Reading →

Travelling in Chennai Buses.

For the past 6 months, my life has been centered on 19 B. Given that I've to travel to the IT corridor from the heart of the city, boarding the bus at T.Nagar seemed to be the most viable option. This was one among the very few buses that took the shortest route to reach... Continue Reading →

Local Tea Party, SA and Evam’s Stand Up Tamasha!

Imagine what all could go wrong at work. Just imagine every little thing. Now, that is exactly what happened to me at work . The previous week went as bad as it could get and I was desperately waiting for the weekend. You know why, I’d plans with my friends 🙂 Yes, we are a... Continue Reading →

The Art of Speaking!

If someone remarked that I was very talkative, I would take it as a compliment. If you are under the opinion that I have clearly misunderstood what the word compliment means, let me take the liberty to explain why I consider it so. Silence is Golden, but only at the right time. Today, if we... Continue Reading →

Definitely Trolled!

Dad is frequent traveler. Since he is in Sales, most of the time he would have to travel around to visit his customers. Invariably, I would not be aware of which city/country he is in. Every Morning and Night he makes it a point to call mom and speak to her. Now, I don't have... Continue Reading →

Life , and the Lessons we Learn !

Before I begin this post, let me tell you, I'm obsessed with this Laughing Phenomenon. You don't understand? Ok, Read my earlier post on, Laughing Your Way to a 100 Years of Life!Now that you have a fair idea, Read on.I’m a big fan of “Just for Laughs Gags”. The music with which the show... Continue Reading →

The Autobiography of A Scooty

Images from DreamstimeApologies. I kept a word limit for this post,but somehow when I started typing, it kept going on and on, will try to keep my posts short, from now on :-)“Scooty pep plus (SPP). Plus. This is perhaps the only positive thing in me, in my name. I’m hardly a few years old,... Continue Reading →


 You might deny it, but the truth is, almost every thing one comes across needs “Make up”.  You don’t get what I’m trying to say? Read on.Actress. Can you look at the faces of all those leading ladies in Bollywood without make up? I’m not saying they can’t step a foot outside, sans their make up.... Continue Reading →

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