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A Movie to Remember!

You may probably wonder what is so special about watching a movie on a Saturday, or a Rajini movie on a weekend for that matter. Given the number of reruns on television for Rajini movies, it wouldn't be surprising if... Continue Reading →

Healthy Snacking with SnackExperts

I’m not sure what exactly triggered this, but I always seem to find myself around conversations that relate to working out or debating the nutritional aspects of food or fitness in general.  Since a lot depends on what we eat,... Continue Reading →

2015 – The Year that Was!

Keeping up with the tradition of posting the yearly round-up, I decided to analyse and write about how 2015 had an impact on me. Before I could delve any deeper on the events, I was sure of one thing though.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories

This book is written by Ankita Sharma and published by Humming Words Publishers. Ankita is a well-known blogger, who blogs at Humming Words. The book is a collection of several short stories. The stories are normal everyday occurrences which everyone... Continue Reading →

Breaking Queues

It’s funny how some people always want to follow the rules and are often the first to break them. Take littering for instance, some people go at lengths to talk about how people don’t have civic sense. Later they end... Continue Reading →

The Land Rover Experience!

(P.S this post is written by a very simple person, so kindly do not expect advanced technical information here.) When I got a call from Blogadda, asking if I was interested in test-driving Jaguar's Land Rover, I said yes without... Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Turning Point

The Turning Point, is a compilation of short stories from Indian Writers. This includes the work of Nikita Singh, Parinda Joshi, Atulya Mahajan, Shoma Narayanan, Harsh Snehanshu, Judy Balan, Meenakshi Reddy Mahadevan and Durjoy Dutta.  Every story here has a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore

At a time when there are so many young and upcoming authors, there are a few like authors Rohit Gore who make a mark for themselves, through their books.  Previously I’d read ‘The Circle of Three’ by the same author... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #15 :O for Opinion

Everybody has an opinion on something. Earlier people never expressed their opinion unless they were asked about it, since there was no particular medium available for everyone. Thanks to the advent of the Social media, these days it is easier... Continue Reading →

The Vista D90 Experience!

Like any other day, I logged into Facebook to stay in touch with what was happening around the world. A blogger friend of mine, Sowmya had posted something in our Chennai Bloggers Club page. A bright red poster from Blogadda... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai By Rishi Vohra

We live in reality. Some of us live in our dreams too. For a few it is just a dream, but for a few it is an ‘Alternate Reality’. Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai by Rishi Vohra, takes us... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Shades Of Love.

Shades of Love. An Anthology of Short stories. I am not a big fan of love stories. Sometimes it’s too sweet to be true and I try and keep my hands off books , that claim to be an out... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Circle Of Three By Rohit Gore

Three people, different in their own way , live in different parts of a city. Can they make a difference in the life of the other two? Circle of three by Rohit Gore takes us through the lives of three... Continue Reading →

India. Incredible India it is.

India, a land of diverse cultures, a land of rich heritage, a Superpower in the making, a growing Economic power. Gone are the days when Indians were just a part of the audience, watching their foreign contemporaries shell out ideas after ideas which... Continue Reading →

My Interview.

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime(My Interview for a fellow Blogger)Yes yes, you heard it right. .Jidhu Jose , a blogger,  dedicates a part of his blog to Interviews, where he takes interview of fellow bloggers. I'm not sure on what basis he chooses, but... Continue Reading →

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