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Book Review : "Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul". A Book Of Miracles.

Before I write this review, I would like to Thank Blogadda for selecting me to review this book. I’m a person who strongly believes in God, in the faith of a prayer and in miracles. So it shouldn’t have been... Continue Reading →

Book Review : I’m Not Twenty Four.. By Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg says that there are two kinds of stories. One is the kind where, everyone can relate easily to it. The other is where one finds it difficult to believe that such a story actually exists. "I'm Not Twenty... Continue Reading →

Book Review :"A Splash of Love, A Kiss of Infatuation" By Rajeev Ranjan

RajeevRanjan , the author of this book is at present serving the Indian Coast Guard. When Mr Rajeev sent me a mail asking me to review his book, I was completely taken by surprise when I came to know that... Continue Reading →

Book Review : ‘Conversations’ By Rajeev Nanda

This book by Rajeev Nanda is collection of stories, or rather, conversations about Life. It includes a few poetic verses as well. The words in the poem and the meaning conveyed through those powerful emotions portrayed by the words, are... Continue Reading →

Book Review : I Luv My Lyf ,By Chital Mehta

I Luv My Lyf . A book by Chital Mehta. This book is about a teenage girl who has just completed her School and is all set to join College. As she steps into an entirely different world, she faces the reality... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Are you the one for Me, By Chital Mehta

“Are you the one forMe?”. As the title goes, This book by Chital Mehta revolves around the life of a woman, as she sets out to find her Mr Right, her experiences of being in love with her dream guy,... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Bloggers

As per the Rules of The Versatile Blogger Award, I'm supposed list 7 things about myself (you can read it here) and Pass on the award. So Here are the Bloggers, who I feel should receive this award.* Anand of Life's like... Continue Reading →

Book Review : The (In)Eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra

Ruchita Misra’s,”The Ineligible Bachelors” throws light on the concept of “Arranged Marriages” which still continue to be a trend in many parts of our country. The complicated process; beginning with the matrimonial advertisements, the calls and replies, the meetings, the... Continue Reading →

My Article In The Hindu Open Page.

Before, I used to look for the smallest of the excuses to celebrate.Now, God is giving me ample reasons to celebrate.Thank you God. :-)My article has been published by "The Hindu" in the Open Page,dated 18th September 2011.I had written... Continue Reading →

Maps Of the World. My Favorite PC App.

The present generation’s mindset (to which I belong) is very different from that of its predecessors. There is a lot of difference. The way they think, the way they give importance to their apparel, the way they eat, the way... Continue Reading →

A Smarter Tablet, For A Smarter World, In the Truest sense.

I feel that it is not just one among the Numerous Individual features that make the Samsung Galaxy Tab stand out. Nope. Definitely Not. I feel, that all of these features integrated together with a Royal mix of the best... Continue Reading →

Kya Jodi rab ne bana di yaar!

After SRK’s latest movie was released….I was fortunate to get tickets for the movie within the first week of its release…and “arrey yaaar…..kya story….kya movie….kya acting thi SRK ki”After reading the reviews about the movie in many leading newspapers…I was... Continue Reading →

No Age Bar for Working?

Rag pickers. Remember? People with those huge sacks, picking plastic covers and bottles and cans and what not; just throwing stuff from the dustbin to their whims and fancies in the process of searching for what they want, not bothering... Continue Reading →

The Brains That Drain!

Image Courtesy :Dreamstime(This article was written for Anna University Magazine, in 2007)Literally speaking, brain drain is the draining of the brains. People who are educated here go in search of the Promised Land to earn their living. They leave their... Continue Reading →


..At last I managed to get the tickets to Shivaji a week after the film’s release……man...Wat a crowd…to say that all theatres in Satyam Cineplex were/are screening only Shivaji…of course….it was Rajini’s 100th film…nothing better than this can be expected….k….so... Continue Reading →

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