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Can I top-up some patience, Please?

My 4th standard English teacher used to call me a Grandma. She used to say that I always had a story to share. More recently, one of my managers made a similar remark about how I always had a story... Continue Reading →

A break to bounce back!

It’s been a couple of days since I got back from a short trip to Alleppey. What’s not to enjoy the serene atmosphere, the mighty waters and nature, and a quietness that calms the soul. It was a good break... Continue Reading →

Article Published : Decision Awaited – Will they or Won’t they?

An article that I had written here has been published in The Hindu Open Page 🙂 The article is on how some people take ages to make a simple decision. You can find the article here. Call me old school, but... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #23: W for (Whomping) Willow

The featured picture is a Willow tree was shot near Pahalgam, during my Kashmir holiday in December 2012.  When I look at this, I am reminded of the famous Whomping Willow. For all those Muggles who are clueless about what... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #19 : S for Sunset

Life is full of ups and downs.Enjoy Going down .as much as you enjoy Going up.You would realize that you would learn a lotfrom Going downrather than just Going up!These photographs were clicked at Dal Lake, Srinagar. December 2012.To read... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #11 : K For Kashmir

Here are a few pictures from my Kashmir trip. By far, the most memorable trips I've ever had :-)(Kindly click the pictures to get a better view.)At Hazrat Bal Mosque. The pigeon did love this :-)At the ever beautiful Dal... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #4 : D for Dusk

Another day comes to an end.It is time for him to rest. He prepares to leave...This picture was clicked near Mughal Gardens, Srinagar..and finally calls it a day!This picture was clicked near Mughal Gardens, SrinagarAfter all, even he is human :-)To... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge # 2 : B for Boundary

This is one among the many photos that I clicked at Mughal Gardens, Srinagar. Sometimes, we find ourselves unable to breathe properly. We find ourselves confined to a space and we impose restrictions on ourselves. We assume and take things... Continue Reading →

Through My Eyes.

 It was a bright Sunday and the weather was really good. Nature looked at its best. It looked even better, though my Nikon D70  :-)A heartfelt thanks to my uncle, TRS for having given me his camera. I'm enjoying every... Continue Reading →

A Day with the Clouds.

The other morning (read 4.30 am) I was reluctant to get up and leave for office. The fever was at its worst.When Ma is at home, she usually cajoles me to get up with the sweetest tone, specially when I'm... Continue Reading →

On My Way!

Yes, Mom was/Is always right. I can never keep quiet and sit for sometime without doing anything. With a reasonably good mobile, and Nature presenting itself in wonderful different ways in front of me, One cannot expect me to sit... Continue Reading →

So, What Do You Think?

The other day I was just taking a walk in my terrace and noticed that the clouds were trying to convey something. It was a beautiful evening. Too lazy to come down and get my Coolpix, I clicked this with... Continue Reading →


What was initially a boring day, turned out to be interesting when I decided to get some fresh air and walked up to the terrace. And this is what  I got to see.


(Taken on a rainy day, from my DSLR. I focused on the image , that the puddle was reflecting)The World, as you see it.One must learn to look at the bright side of life more often, than just lamenting about... Continue Reading →

Sunset. View From my Terrace.

In our lives too, the Sun keeps setting and rising(situations, emotions,relationships). We should be smart enough to use both to our advantage. We should know what should be done when the sun rises and what can be done when it sets.

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