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ABC Challenge

ABC Challenge: The Journey

First of all, I would like to thank Anuradha of Life is beautiful for having suggested me to take up the challenge. The challenge had some rules, which I was not very comfortable with. But I did relax a few... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #26: Z for Zenith

Among the various theories and prophecies formulated by mankind, everyone believes that they are destined for the greater good. People believe that at some point in their lives they are meant to shine among the crowd and carve an identity... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #25: Y for Yesterday

It seems just Yesterday that she was born, she has already turned one. Her smiles, her tantrums, her reactions are getting cuter, day by day. It seems just Yesterday that she was One, she has already turned ten. The baby... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #24: X

For years together, there was one thing which challenged and continues to challenge the best minds in the world. People of all ages have tried their best to get to the crux of it and expose the hidden mysteries that... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #23: W for (Whomping) Willow

The featured picture is a Willow tree was shot near Pahalgam, during my Kashmir holiday in December 2012.  When I look at this, I am reminded of the famous Whomping Willow. For all those Muggles who are clueless about what... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #22: V for Vanity

This article has been published in Deccan Chronicle. Read it here. I am not sure whether I have to blame it on the omnipresent social media, but I've noticed a new trend that has been catching up. I am not... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #21 : U for Utopia

Wikipedia says Utopia is a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities. At some point of time in our lives we would all been asked to describe what our idea of Utopia is. Naturally we would have outlined all... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #20 : T for Temple Run

The day I knew I was getting an iPad, I was very excited.More excited than I was when I was getting my first video game. It's not a big thing now, but way back then it meant a lot. So... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #19 : S for Sunset

Life is full of ups and downs.Enjoy Going down .as much as you enjoy Going up.You would realize that you would learn a lotfrom Going downrather than just Going up!These photographs were clicked at Dal Lake, Srinagar. December 2012.To read... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #18 : R for Rambling

A rich kid : “Oh man, this burger is so cold. Why doesn't mom understand that I always like to have my food hot!” A poor kid: “God, please give me something to eat. Even if it is a week old. I... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #17: Q for Quitting

Yes, I'm back to my challenge. Too many things that required my time and attention were up, so I had to steer away from the challenge and make room for them. And now I'm heading back to where I started.... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #16: P for Priorities

As unique as we all are, our priorities are all different.It's as simple as that. Still some people fail to understand this simple logic. When I was young I always imagined myself working in a very hectic atmosphere, running around... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #15 :O for Opinion

Everybody has an opinion on something. Earlier people never expressed their opinion unless they were asked about it, since there was no particular medium available for everyone. Thanks to the advent of the Social media, these days it is easier... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #14: N for Name

From Ashwini C N to Ashwini Cuppu. So I am back to telling you guys more about my name. If you haven’t read the story of my name yet, please read it here (The Story of myName). My dear sister,... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #13 : M for Monica

You remember Monica? Of course, she is not someone one would forget. You either know her or you don’t know her. So for all those who know her, you would know what I mean when I say I tend to... Continue Reading →

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