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ABC Challenge

ABC Challenge #18 : R for Rambling

A rich kid : “Oh man, this burger is so cold. Why doesn't mom understand that I always like to have my food hot!” A poor kid: “God, please give me something to eat. Even if it is a week old. I... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #17: Q for Quitting

Yes, I'm back to my challenge. Too many things that required my time and attention were up, so I had to steer away from the challenge and make room for them. And now I'm heading back to where I started.... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #16: P for Priorities

As unique as we all are, our priorities are all different.It's as simple as that. Still some people fail to understand this simple logic. When I was young I always imagined myself working in a very hectic atmosphere, running around... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #15 :O for Opinion

Everybody has an opinion on something. Earlier people never expressed their opinion unless they were asked about it, since there was no particular medium available for everyone. Thanks to the advent of the Social media, these days it is easier... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #14: N for Name

From Ashwini C N to Ashwini Cuppu. So I am back to telling you guys more about my name. If you haven’t read the story of my name yet, please read it here (The Story of myName). My dear sister,... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #13 : M for Monica

You remember Monica? Of course, she is not someone one would forget. You either know her or you don’t know her. So for all those who know her, you would know what I mean when I say I tend to... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #12 : L for Life

We’ve heard it time and again but there is so much to it than what meets the eye. Life is an enigma to most of us. It’s not something we read about and watch the events unfold. It takes its... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #11 : K For Kashmir

Here are a few pictures from my Kashmir trip. By far, the most memorable trips I've ever had :-)(Kindly click the pictures to get a better view.)At Hazrat Bal Mosque. The pigeon did love this :-)At the ever beautiful Dal... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #10 : J for Jealousy

She tried to be as good as her. She tried to be as smart as her. She was determined to find out what was special about her. She tried to change herself to be just like her. Just one step... Continue Reading →

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