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ABC Challenge

ABC Challenge #12 : L for Life

We’ve heard it time and again but there is so much to it than what meets the eye. Life is an enigma to most of us. It’s not something we read about and watch the events unfold. It takes its... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #11 : K For Kashmir

Here are a few pictures from my Kashmir trip. By far, the most memorable trips I've ever had :-)(Kindly click the pictures to get a better view.)At Hazrat Bal Mosque. The pigeon did love this :-)At the ever beautiful Dal... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #10 : J for Jealousy

She tried to be as good as her. She tried to be as smart as her. She was determined to find out what was special about her. She tried to change herself to be just like her. Just one step... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #9 :Inglish(Indian-English).

(Dear Grammar Nazis, kindly excuse my intentional errors, for this post alone) After writing about H for humor, I thought I would follow it up with another post of the same theme. So here it is, our very own language,... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #8 : H for Humor

Humor is not something that everyone is good at, nor is it something that everyone can appreciate. Despite the general perception, if you can appreciate the humor in any situation that comes your way, you would come to realize that... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #7 : G for Good Samaritans

Yes you read it right. Plural it is. There are many of them out there who still believe in ‘Doing good’ and helping others, even if they do not see themselves gaining anything from it. Despite popular belief, Good Samaritans... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #6: F for Facepalm

And you thought, I'd already given up? Not at all 🙂 I'm back with F. Back when I was new to twitter, I used to refresh the trends to see what was hot and happening, around the world. That is... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #5: E for Echo

For a while, I was clueless about what I was going to write for E. Nothing seemed to be appropriate. Thanks to the small kid who was asking his father about why he kept hearing his own voice over and... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #4 : D for Dusk

Another day comes to an end.It is time for him to rest. He prepares to leave...This picture was clicked near Mughal Gardens, Srinagar..and finally calls it a day!This picture was clicked near Mughal Gardens, SrinagarAfter all, even he is human :-)To... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #3 :C for Contest

'13 things I plan to avoid in 2013' # 1.To stop laughing, all the time. Please don’t come to the conclusion that I’m mentally unstable, it’s just that my laughing threshold is very low. Some might laugh if they hear... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge # 2 : B for Boundary

This is one among the many photos that I clicked at Mughal Gardens, Srinagar. Sometimes, we find ourselves unable to breathe properly. We find ourselves confined to a space and we impose restrictions on ourselves. We assume and take things... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge #1 : A for Achiever

Recently when someone asked me what my definition of an achiever was, I said ‘An achiever is someone who sets a goal for himself and successfully completes the task’. When my friend further enquired about what kind of a task... Continue Reading →

The ABC Challenge!

New Year. New Hopes. New Challenges. Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos Life would be boring and monotonous if we do not have something to keep us on our feet. Even after a hectic week, we would need just about two days... Continue Reading →

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