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Article Published : Decision Awaited – Will they or Won’t they?

An article that I had written here has been published in The Hindu Open Page 🙂 The article is on how some people take ages to make a simple decision. You can find the article here. Call me old school, but... Continue Reading →

Who is your Superhero?

I met a few friends last week and we were catching up with each other's lives.  We spoke about a few things and then the conversation veered off to superheroes. We weren't exactly arguing who was the best, it was... Continue Reading →

Potpourri of My Life!

I'm writing this because someone asked me how I was feeling and I realized I was feeling all this at the same time. Trust human beings to complicate the most simplest of simple questions. I'm happy! I'm getting to do... Continue Reading →

Quotes Challenge #1 – The Problem with Being Strong!

I like quotes. There is something about those words, which have been spoken from experiences. When you can relate to the quote, it feels amazing that years back someone had similar experiences about it. So, when I saw posts on... Continue Reading →

Of the days gone by!

It felt weird staring at the mirror. The person who stared back seemed a lot different from the person whom I originally knew. Though there wasn't any obvious difference, I could see certain changes. This person was slightly exhausted, but... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Writing!

You know how you're doing something and suddenly you get an idea and then you realize life is not going to be the same forever. I'm sure many of us would've come across such life-changing ideas. That's precisely how writing happened to me.  ... Continue Reading →

Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging!

My blog turns 8 this month. With four years of random blogging and four years of regular blogging, my blog crosses another personal milestone. This was an equally remarkable year as my blog was featured in the Top Indian Blogs... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right One!

(A modified version of this post has been published in The Hindu Open Page. You can read it here) I’m not sure if it has anything to do with my OCD, but I can never leave a book half-way and... Continue Reading →

Bye Landmark!

If you are currently in Chennai and a person who loves reading books, chances are that you would’ve spent your weekend running around Mount Road. Thanks to the Chennai Book Fair at one end of the Mount Road and the... Continue Reading →

2014 – The year that was!

Wait wait wait! As far as I can remember this is what I've been saying all through the year. I'm not sure if it's just with me but with every passing year, I feel the days keep flying quicker and... Continue Reading →

13 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 13!

So I stumbled upon posts from Srikar and Chutney Case on the 13 things you wish your 13 year old self had known. It got me thinking of the many instances when I really wish I'd known something earlier, only to... Continue Reading →

Questions and Answers.

Hello! I've been featured in Artily - An Online Informative Magazine. 🙂 I was asked about my blogging journey and a few questions (some interesting ones). Do read and let me know what you think! You can read the article... Continue Reading →

The Journey So Far.

I don’t mean to sound clichéd, but as far as I can recollect I think the events and memories of 2013 would remain etched in my mind for a long time. Be it brewing my own cup of coffee for... Continue Reading →

The Unanswered Questions and Suicides!

This article has been published in The Hindu Nxg. You can read it here   Some questions cannot be answered. Some questions don’t even have answers. ‘Why did he/she commit suicide?’ is one such question. Earlier, when I read about... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge: The Journey

First of all, I would like to thank Anuradha of Life is beautiful for having suggested me to take up the challenge. The challenge had some rules, which I was not very comfortable with. But I did relax a few... Continue Reading →

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